Your Body is GOOD: The Incarnation as a Call to Embodiment

This submission accepted to be included in a book publication, Not Going Home, to be released Jan ’20 by True Pine Publishing.

The Incarnation as Embodiment

Our bodies are a beautiful display of God’s creative work. The Holy Spirit wants to make His home in us and He wants us to be at home in ourselves. Embodiment practices such as yoga and meditation, educational advances in Women’s Health, and an inspired awareness of the intricacies of the Feminine Energy Cycle are powerful spiritual practices that women can embrace as a part of our holy journey. 

Myth: Our bodies are cursed and cannot be trusted. Connecting with our bodies is a new age, witchcraft trick and forces us to abandon our faith.

It is devastating that when people set out to learn the wisdom of their body they often disconnect from God. The Spirit of God wants to meet us in our bodies; giving peace to tension, whispering truth into stillness, and blessing joyful expressions of dance, sex, and movement. 

Our bodies are GOOD

“God saw everything He had made, and behold, it was very good and He validated it completely.” Genesis 1:31, AMP

When God created man and woman in His image and likeness, He said they were very good and validated them completely. For centuries the body has been excluded from any reference to the “ renewal of the spiritual self.” However, in Colossians, the “spiritual self” Paul references is connected to the human image of God from Genesis 1.

“Put on the new self who is being continually renewed in true knowledge in the image of Him who created the new self.” Colossians 3:10, AMP

 We are being renewed in wholeness – heart, mind, and body together. 

Our bodies are WISE

Many evangelical faith backgrounds operate from the assumption that we shouldn’t trust our bodies. They believe the body is cursed and the Holy Spirit is only interested in renewing our hearts and minds. Phrases like, “the wisdom of the body,” cause many to cringe and question.

The clearest declaration against this belief is the incarnation. Jesus took on a human body and was raised with that body fully intact. He invites us to move with Him toward the same resurrected wholeness.

The Greatest Commandment also speaks of this wholeness. We are invited “to love the Lord our God with our whole self.” How can we honor this Greatest Commandment if we are not only absent from our body but also cursing her?

Heart, Mind, AND Body

Our bodies, alongside the groans of all creation, are longing for healing in wholeness. The more we understand the language of our bodies and the movements she is making, the better we can partner with her and with all creation in the restoration that God is enacting. 

May we know how fully we are loved, despite our mistakes, despite our humanity, or even, dare I suggest, BECAUSE of our humanity. May our practice of embodiment enable us to join our voices with our Creator that we are “VERY. GOOD.

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