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Our New Song

On Sunday evening, Adam turned on “Better Together” by Jack Johnson, which was our song in college days, since we started dating again, and was our first dance at our wedding. As I heard the first notes start to play, I smirked knowingly. “Oh hey,” I called from the kitchen, where I stood making snacks…

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Nothing Can Separate

I long to be more firmly rooted in the Love of Christ in a way that changes me. In my first moments every day, before I really know I’m awake, I long to be soaked in Love. I long for my first thoughts to be that I dwell in unspeakable Love. I pray that Psalm…

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I’m Sara, and I’m a Fearaholic

I’m Sara and I’m a fearaholic. I’m Sara and I’m a fearaholic. I’m addicted to fear. I’m a chronic overthinker which only makes matters worse. My fear consumes me. It causes me to be self-centered and mean. I know Christians aren’t supposed to fear because “perfect love drives out fear” yada yada but realistically speaking…

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