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Advent Musings pt 4: "God is Very Happy with You."

At the risk of sounding a bit crazy I will share a bit of my inner dialogue as I wrote this fourth Advent Musing: As ideas swirled around in my head, they were having a difficult time finding form or rhythm. The doubts began to stir and the symphony of accusers sang their song: “No…

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Advent Musings pt 3: Am I Calling God a Liar?

My first two Advent Musings have spoken of the nearness of God. I’ve encouraged us to pursue intimacy with God this Advent. Intimacy with God can be a daunting subject. In this third post, I will dive deeper into practices that have helped me experience this “rooted-to-my-toes” nearness of God. Redefine the Gospel The gospel…

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Advent Musings pt 1

“You are closer than the mention of Your name.” – November mantra The mantra Jesus gave me for the month of November has been preparing my heart to usher in Advent. In our humanity, nearness and intimacy are how we experience truth most fully. Jesus became human to help our humanness know God. From the…

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