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Advent Musings pt 4: "God is Very Happy with You."

At the risk of sounding a bit crazy I will share a bit of my inner dialogue as I wrote this fourth Advent Musing: As ideas swirled around in my head, they were having a difficult time finding form or rhythm. The doubts began to stir and the symphony of accusers sang their song: “No…

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Advent Musings pt 3: Am I Calling God a Liar?

My first two Advent Musings have spoken of the nearness of God. I’ve encouraged us to pursue intimacy with God this Advent. Intimacy with God can be a daunting subject. In this third post, I will dive deeper into practices that have helped me experience this “rooted-to-my-toes” nearness of God. Redefine the Gospel The gospel…

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Advent Musings pt 2: Faith like a Child

They ran up to Jesus, excitement coursing through their veins. He chided those who dismissed them, “leave the children aloneā€¦” He insisted with a smile as He drew them near, His voice thick with compassion (Matthew 19:14). I love to imagine the children being brought to visit Jesus. Were some of them crawling? Were some…

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