Smile, Wait, Hold On; 3 Steps in My Mediation Practice

I mediate on Your words all the day long.” – Psalm 119:15

“Be still, and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

“Mary sat at the Lords feet, listening to all He said.” – Luke 10:39

My understanding of meditation in young adulthood was limited to study of scripture. Studying scripture is critical and lays the groundwork for meditation, but it has only the first 10% of the sanctifying work. Smiling, Waiting, and Holding are how I enter the practice of Meditation and keep a biblical truth near my heart all day long.

Smile – When I find the truth the Holy Spirit is inviting me to embrace I always find a soft smile. The physical act of smiling relaxes our face and opens our posture. A smile prepares us to receive truth that our minds don’t fully understand. It opens our heart to embrace God’s word and let it find rooting.

Smiling as a meditative practice may sound juvenile to some. Still, connecting the postures of our body what our heart and mind is reaching for, will allow us to embrace it most deeply.

Smiling can be a useless pursuit if we only embrace it for a moment. We must enter into the second step alongside, which is to learn to wait; to wait in this posture of joy and gratitude that the smile ignites.

Wait – In the posture of openness that the smile gives, we wait. For our openness to the Spirit’s work to extend past the moment, we wait expectantly in this truth for how the Lord will use it to draw us near to Him. Waiting quickly becomes tiresome for most of us. Our smile begins to fade and our doubts start to rise. In that moment, we must also take on the third posture of holding on.

Hold On – even when our smile fades, even when our patience is fleeting, because we know His word will not return void. He cannot fail us, and He will delight in bringing the fruit of our meditation practice in our lives as we trust Him.

Lately, I have been smiling, waiting, and holding on to the reality that Jesus sings over us as part of His intercession for us.

I’ve been smiling because I find so much joy and peace in music. Strong lyrics and a beautiful voice transport me to a soul space that I can’t find any other way. With such strong reactions to human music making, I am beginning to taste how my heart might jolt and nearly stop by how much the voice of my Creator and Sustainer might move me.

I smile at the thought that there couldn’t be a richer, deeper, truer sound than the Creator of Music and Joy and Freedom Himself breaking into song over His Beloved.

I’ve also been waiting. I’ve been waiting because I want to know it more. I will wait until Jesus’ voice is resounding in my ears as I wake and as I walk through my day and when I lie down again at night.

I’ve been holding onto the moments I hear Him. Those peaceful spaces I find in my heart as I sit with my coffee in the morning, where I hear Truth resonating as clear as a bell, and I feel Love and Purpose washing over my soul. I hold onto those moments, praying they become longer and closer together until I’m living seamlessly in the song.

Do these postures resonate with you? What postures are helpful to you when meditating on God’s word?

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