SEO Copywriting for College Admissions

Written as a feature piece for my client, White Buffalo Websites.

As enrollment in private institutions decreases in the US, admissions teams are looking for the best ways to find potential students. College admissions teams across the country are asking, “How can I increase my college admission?” The most effective modern-day strategy for getting your university in front of college-bound students is to enhance your online presence through SEO copywriting. SEO copywriting includes choosing the best keywords and optimizing your website content for those keywords. This will make it clear to Google and potential students why they should explore your college. 

Specialization in College Admissions

When hiring for copywriting and website development it’s ideal to hire someone who knows your industry. I’m Sara Robbert, copywriter & editor at White Buffalo Websites. Over the course of my career I have worked for five years in the admissions office of private colleges. Three of those years were in full-time work as a Senior Admissions Counselor. These years deepened my knowledge of the admissions world at private schools, equipping me to support universities in their recruitment efforts. You can meet me in my admissions counselor intro video here.

Over the years I’ve been building my writing portfolio and six months ago I began taking on professional clients. I have been supporting written content for White Buffalo Websites as they enhance websites for our clients. I have been trained in SEO analyzation which is a key component of my professional writing services. My background in college admissions makes me exceptionally qualified to help your admissions team enhance your website’s SEO.

Marketing for College Admissions

College-bound students use internet search engines to build their list of potential schools. Webfx says that 71% of students click the first link that appears in their search results which means appearing in the top of that internet search is crucial. SEO enhancement on your college’s website is what will bump your school to the top of those search results.

Your potential students have a list of specific criteria when searching for colleges. Therefore, a website that highlights your school’s unique offerings is key to appearing in the top of search results. My work in SEO copywriting for college admissions focuses on highlighting your school’s specialties.

SEO Copywriting at White Buffalo Websites

Professional SEO analyzation is essential to improve your placement in search results. At White Buffalo Websites, our professional writing services take SEO enhancement to the next level through quality writing and keyword work. SEO copywriting for college admissions is the most cost-effective strategy you can employ in your recruitment efforts. This makes it the best for your students and for your wallet.

College admissions is often a thankless job. I am passionate about supporting private education sectors in their recruitment efforts. I would love the opportunity to talk through your university’s unique needs in SEO enhancement. At White Buffalo Websites, we will work within your schedule and budget to serve you the very best we can. Contact us today!

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