Living Gently

By Sara Robbert | January 17, 2019

Hi friends, it’s been a minute. Happy New Year! First, a word to my subscribers: it means so much to me that this blog came straight to your inbox. Thank you for your support and for trusting me with this space. You mean the world to me. <3 This year I long to walk more…

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The Nest; A Memoir & Reflection

By Sara Robbert | December 30, 2018

A memoir of my December 30, 2017, when I moved from The Nest to Chicago, and a reflection on what Twenty-Eighteen has held. If you were part of my life in Winona Lake, this post was written from the overflow of my heart to you:  What can a year hold? Twenty-Eighteen held more than I…

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Advent Musings pt 4: "God is Very Happy with You."

By Sara Robbert | December 23, 2018

At the risk of sounding a bit crazy I will share a bit of my inner dialogue as I wrote this fourth Advent Musing: As ideas swirled around in my head, they were having a difficult time finding form or rhythm. The doubts began to stir and the symphony of accusers sang their song: “No…

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Advent Musings pt 3: Am I Calling God a Liar?

By Sara Robbert | December 13, 2018

My first two Advent Musings have spoken of the nearness of God. I’ve encouraged us to pursue intimacy with God this Advent. Intimacy with God can be a daunting subject. In this third post, I will dive deeper into practices that have helped me experience this “rooted-to-my-toes” nearness of God. Redefine the Gospel The gospel…

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Advent Musings pt 2: Faith like a Child

By Sara Robbert | December 6, 2018

They ran up to Jesus, excitement coursing through their veins. He chided those who dismissed them, “leave the children alone…” He insisted with a smile as He drew them near, His voice thick with compassion (Matthew 19:14). I love to imagine the children being brought to visit Jesus. Were some of them crawling? Were some…

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Advent Musings pt 1

By Sara Robbert | November 29, 2018

“You are closer than the mention of Your name.” – November mantra The mantra Jesus gave me for the month of November has been preparing my heart to usher in Advent. In our humanity, nearness and intimacy are how we experience truth most fully. Jesus became human to help our humanness know God. From the…

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Our New Song

By Sara Robbert | November 16, 2018

On Sunday evening, Adam turned on “Better Together” by Jack Johnson, which was our song in college days, since we started dating again, and was our first dance at our wedding. As I heard the first notes start to play, I smirked knowingly. “Oh hey,” I called from the kitchen, where I stood making snacks…

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Heart at Home

By Sara Robbert | October 22, 2018

The heart of God loves the daily rhythms He has created. Fullness has been placed in front of us in the holiness of the ordinary; the sacred space of morning coffee, the honor of a work day well done, the peace and fellowship of a dinner with strangers or the closest of friends. When we…

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By Sara Robbert | September 23, 2018

All the cliches of the first week of marriage are true: We woke up Monday morning, stunned at how our love seemed to have grown overnight. Having the pressure of the wedding over and our vows made, we felt a huge weight off our shoulders and a deep peace that passes understanding rooted in our…

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The Lord is in your Midst

By Sara Robbert | August 30, 2018

The Lord is in the midst of you, you will not fall. In times of overwhelming gladness, He is in your midst In times of tears that will not stop, He is in your midst In times of anxiety that won’t let go, He is in your midst In times of dancing til the break…

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