Learning Kindness

Choose Kindness.

“Choose Kindness” is a phrase I hear a lot. Our culture loves to talk about kindness and how much we need more of it in the world. I certainly agree. I want to be kind. I want others to be kind to me. I want to see kindness.

Kindness has never been something I felt I was any good at. I am a loud, brazen person most of the time (the other part of the time I’m sleeping) and being kind doesn’t go with being loud. Being gentle doesn’t come with being bold. Kindness has always equaled quietness.

Growing up, I learned that God is Holy and Powerful. I also learned that God is Love, but “God is Love” never translated to “God is Kind.” Strong and Mighty doesn’t go with Kind and Gentle. A Powerful and Holy God doesn’t seem as impressive if He is also Tenderhearted and Patient.

The Goodness.

Last year on my 24th birthday up on my Pandora came the song “The Goodness” by John Mark McMillan. The lyric describing God as “the Kindest” took my breath away. Tears sprang to my eyes as I encountered a Kind and Gentle Jesus for perhaps the first time. In that moment, my Almighty God became the Creator of Kindness. A Kindness that was specifically for me,  and terribly personal.

That’s what His Kindness is – specific, personal, ordinary. His Kindness is not lofty, it’s written into creation all around us. It’s written on our hearts whether we acknowledge Jesus or not. We see it in the gentle way the snow falls and in the patience of a parent with a toddler. We see it in the sun rising each morning on this wicked world. It’s all Kindness.

Choose Jesus. 

This may be old news to you. The stories of Jesus in the Gospel’s are laden with His Kindness. Of course Jesus is kind.

It can be easy to preach the Kindness of Jesus to others. The tricky part comes when we look in the mirror and try to preach that Kindness to ourselves. That’s where the real power of Kindness lies – when we can sit in the stillness and hear the voice of our sweet Savior speaking His Kindness over us, every day, every hour:

“Receive my deepest Kindness. I created Kindness, after all. I AM Kindness. My Kindness is your deepest safety and you are my greatest delight. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams and my heart toward you is always kind. Come and dwell in my Kindness and find your deepest healing.”

Choose Kindness for YOU, and you’ll change the world. Kindness can come with Powerful and His name is Jesus. Choose Jesus.

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