All the cliches of the first week of marriage are true:

We woke up Monday morning, stunned at how our love seemed to have grown overnight.

Having the pressure of the wedding over and our vows made, we felt a huge weight off our shoulders and a deep peace that passes understanding rooted in our gut.

We fell more in love each day of our mini-moon, and into the first days of our life together.

The vows we made last Sunday in front of family and friends and then walking back into normal life, only this time together, was the easiest, most joy-filled decision we have ever made.

Because when you find the one who sets your soul on fire but who can also make you laugh til your face hurts, when you find the one who will hold you tenderly when you cry but who will also tell you when you need to stop moaning and do something, when you find the one who you want to go on every adventure with but also the one you want to stay inside with and watch movies all day, when you find that one, who you cannot describe in words, then you know that as blissful as your wedding day may have been, every day after that will be another day of blossoming in the love that was planted there. When it’s a love you know you don’t have to explain but can simply live and rest in, then you know you’ve found your Home.

And isn’t that all love is? The place where mystery and rest find each other and live happily ever after.

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