Heart at Home

The heart of God loves the daily rhythms He has created. Fullness has been placed in front of us in the holiness of the ordinary; the sacred space of morning coffee, the honor of a work day well done, the peace and fellowship of a dinner with strangers or the closest of friends. When we come to expect His smiling presence in those moments, our hearts find the home they’ve been so desperately seeking.

The wedding celebrations are wonderful but what makes His heart sing even more is the 60 years following of steadfast love expressed in grumpy mornings and tired afternoons, in open doors and full embraces after a difficult season walked together. Our happy God isn’t satisfied with limiting joy to milestone parties. His heart is so eager to celebrate that He has given us a million moments to rejoice every day.

Two years ago, I was in a dark place of “never enough.” My life was not where I thought it would be and despite countless blessings I enjoyed every day, I was in a spiral of self-pity and self-hatred. No matter the blessings, it was never enough. I was still missing something, or so I was convinced.

In one of these pitiful venting conversations with a dear friend, I was asked a simple question: “Sara, do you LIKE life? From what I can see your life is beautiful and you seem to enjoy it day to day, so why isn’t that enough for you?” In the self-reflection that followed that kind, punch-in-the-gut question I came to see that what I was missing wasn’t a clear vocation or a husband or a big dream to be pursuing. What I was missing was eyes to see the glorious life I had been given. What I was missing were ears to hear the voice of Jesus saying how proud He was that I was fostering community in the home I was living in, how happy it made Him to see me enjoying my morning runs and my evening glass of wine. He wanted to lead me into new pursuits and fill my heart with unspeakable joy, but His voice was in the beautiful ordinary that I had been given, and I wasn’t listening for Him there. Until I saw Him in my morning commute and my afternoon lattes, I didn’t see my capacity for fullness of life that He had placed within me.

When the Father saw His prodigal son returning, He threw a party simply because His son was home. His son had not achieved fame or fortune, he didn’t have 3 degrees and he hadn’t developed fully into his vocation. He hadn’t led a big social movement or published a best-selling book. His son was home and that was more than enough reason to throw the most extravagant celebration.

Joy isn’t a reward being held by God under lock and key until we figure out our 20 year plan. He has goodness for our everyday in storehouse quantities if we will simply learn to listen and receive it. The invitation into the joy of the Father today and every day has been extended and is anointing our life if we only had eyes to see.

He came that we might have life abundant…He who did not spare His only Son but gave Him up for us all…all the Father has in ours to embrace on our ordinary Monday and our irritating Wednesday. From that place, from feeling the warmth of His smile at dinner time just as much as any other spectacular moment, all the other pursuits and endeavors and achievements of life will flow without striving from a heart at home.

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