Reflections on Life Seasons

Semantics, dear Watson

“You could tell God was active in that church.” “The Holy Spirit is really moving at that youth event.” “We are so thankful to see the Lord show up in this ministry.” I heard versions of these phrases about four zillion times growing up. It was common in the small bible-saturated Indiana town I grew…

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Be Loved (if You Dare)

In July 2016 I wrote a blog called Be a Friend to Yourself. Learning to be my own friend was the journey I went on that year. As I approached 2017 in my typical goal-oriented way,  Jesus and I had a little chat: “Jesus, this year was great! I’m feeling very blessed and hopeful for what…

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Be a Friend to Yourself

I made it through my first year of post-college life. Man, it was a doozy. This year has been marked by the “hurt-so-good” kind of growth that you love but you hate (ok, mostly hate). The biggest growing pain I’ve felt has been in my relationship with myself. I sure didn’t expect that one. I’ve…

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